Department of Mechanical Engineering


Arjun Raveendran KAP, Deepth purushothaman, Manas PK and Abhijith KM of Department of Mechanical Engineering have done an excellent project work with social commitment. The hydraulic lift which is used to lift the buses at KSRTC Payyanur depot was out of commission for the past few years. Students came up with an overhauling work to re-instate it so that now employees can perform the repair work with ease. The estimated cost to repair the same was around Rs. 5 lakhs but the students did it within Rs. 75000. The inauguration of re-instated lift is done by Shri. T I Madhusoodhanan, honorable MLA Payyanur at KSRTC depot on 24/07/21. Project was guided by Prof. Chandrajith E, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SNGCET and Mr. Santhosh Aithala, Assistant Depot Engineer, KSRTC, Payyanur

Department of Mechanical Engineering has conducted a webinar on the topic "Confluence of Robotics & Industrial Automation- a Heuristic Approach" by Prof. SUMESH M, Faculty in Engineering Department, University of Technology and Applied Science, Al-Musanna, Sulthanate of Oman on 25th June 2021. The webinar was intended to acquire knowledge on “How to learn Robotics and Industrial automation by yourself".

Department of Mechanical Engineering has organized a webinar on the topic "Braking system in Indian Railways" by Dr. Vineesh K P, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology, Calicut on 22nd June 2021. Webinar discussed about different types of brake blocks and braking system in coaches and wagons of Indian Railways and the role of engineer during its design.

Department of Mechanical Engineering has conducted a webinar on the topic "Modern Engineering: Essentials for Excellence" by Dr. Shijin P Kozhumal, Assistant Professor, Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology Program, College of Justice and Safety, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky, USA on 18th June 2021. This webinar was meant to build the career of engineering students according to advancements in modern engineering and understand the essential for the excellence in modern industries.

Mechanical Department of SNGCET has organized two day work shop with hands on training on the topic “Quad copter” in collaboration with & Innovation- cell UMIC, IIT Bombay . It is an initiative to apply the designing creative skills of the students not only SNGCET but to the students of other colleges also, apart from what they learn in books and laboratories.

Department of Mechanical Engineering is planned to conduct National level techfest Mechaura 1.0 on 13 and 14 feb 2020